Art and Art History

Wood-fired ceramics at Adelphi University.

Full List of Visiting Artists

Past Visiting Artists at Adelphi University

Robbie Conal

Jade Doskov

Jane Dickson

Heidi Schwegler

Mark Fox

Maureen Cummins

Sarah Walker

Tom McGrath

Fred Stonehouse

Rimer Cardillo

Mary Temple

Julie Heffernan

Sharon Louden

Stephanie Beck

Mathew Pillsbury

Chakaia Booker

Lori Nix

Portia Munson

Diana Cooper

Joe Mangrum

Mac Premo

Arlene Shechet

Cynthia Lahti

Jean-Pierre Roy

Brian Palmer

David Frazer

Brie Ruias

Jon Rappleye

Ariana Page Russell

Jennifer Anderson

Virgil Marti

Kate Clark

Catherine Bebout

Calvin Burton

Cal Lane

Nicola Lopez

Edgar Jerins

Kevin Todd

Kirsten Hassenfeld

Dana Clancy

Amy Bennett

Peter Drake

Emna Zghal

Lynne Allen

Jean Shin

Mark Johnson


There are currently no entries posted for this department. Please check back later for new listings.



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