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Our Faculty

Adelphi professor sculpting a bust out of clay.

Leading art education with professional and academic expertise.

Our dedicated art faculty and administration have an international reputation for innovation, theory and practice.They are committed to involving students fully in the multidisciplinary nature of art and providing individual attention and advisement. Click on faculty names for more information about each professor’s research, experience and contact information.


Geoff Grogan
Department Chair
Blodgett Hall, Room 301
p – 516.877.4465
e –

Courtney L. Weida
Director, Graduate Art Education

Blodgett Hall, Room 315
p – 516.877.4105
e –

Cindy Maguire
Director, Undergraduate Art and Design Education
Blodgett Hall, Room 320
p – 516.877.4049
e –

Dale Flashner
Director of Graphic Design Studio
Blodgett Hall, Room 315
p – 516.877.4468
e –

Hannah S. Allen
Director of Photographic Operations
Blodgett Hall, Room 316
p – 516.877.4469
e –

Elizabeth Fargnoli
Administrative Assistant
Blodgett Hall, Room 302
p – 516.877.4460
e –


David Hornung


Associate Professors

Carson Fox

Geoff Grogan
Department Chair

Cindy Maguire
Director, Undergraduate Art Education

Jennifer Maloney

Kellyann Monaghan

Maya Muratov

Christopher Saucedo

Courtney L. Weida
Director, Graduate Art Education

Assistant Professors

Andrea Begel


Adjunct Faculty

Julia Whitney Barnes

Patricia Buttice

William Donovan

Jonathan Fabricant

Dale Flashner
Director of Graphic Design Studio
Senior Adjunct Professor

Brooks Frederick

Melanie Hanan

Ann Holt

Clarity Haynes

Patricia Hubbard-Ragette

Mark Johnson

Mark P. Kenny

Pamela Koehler

Michelle Leftheris

Amy Mahnick

Sally Boon Matthews

Hugh McElroy

Evie McKenna

Puneeta Mittal

Lorie Pagnozzi

Nicole Root

Alan Ruiz

Romy Scheroder

William H. Shillalies

Lauren Skelly

Ann Teed

Kristine Valentine

Marisa Wiliamson

Matthew F. Wilson

Zaneta Zubkova


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